The appeal of Happy&Sunny™ is unmistakable. No one can browse the offerings of Happy&Sunny™ without being drawn to the promise of joy and freshly made treats. It creates an intense desire that customers need to satisfy!

To our customers, the cruelty-free kindness and tasty fun of Happy&Sunny™ means something delightful is coming their way… and to our Licensees, it means even more.

If success was a freshly made donut, it would be Happy&Sunny™.

  • Super sweet profit margin potential of up to 70% for top virtual restaurant* bakers.
  • A brand with international appeal and strong affinity with Generation Alpha, Gen Z and Millenials
  • A category innovator working to dominate the fresh vegan treat segment
  • The strong advice and research of the jacoi™ specialty plant-based foods marketing agency

Become a Happy&Sunny™ Licensee, and learn what it means to be both loved and popular! Our niche, insanely craveable vegan treats are making Happy&Sunny™ a fast-emerging brand building loyal fans.

Happy&Sunny™ owns the vegan donut category, and we’re looking for people to help us deliver on the happy, cruelty-free promise that is at the heart of our brand.

*A virtual restaurant (also called a cloud kitchen) is operated from a Licensed home kitchen or a commercial kitchen rented by the hour, selling food via ordering apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash, Deliveroo, GrubHub, Talabat, Foodora, etc. Other distribution options include traditional kiosks and cafes, artisan food stalls at festivals and markets, food trucks/bicycles and specialty food carts.

Ideal Candidate

rise above the rest

Passion separates Happy&Sunny™ Licensees from the rest. The cruelty-free kindness, fun and taste of Happy&Sunny™, and a lot of customer love, combines for an delightful recipe for sweet success. Now that’s something you can be passionate about!

Candidates should:

  • Be able to follow recipes and avoid cross-contamination from non-vegan ingredients.
  • Have a focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Be people-oriented and connected to the community online or IRL

Happy&Sunny™ is a great fit for people who want:

Brand vision

When you join Happy&Sunny™, you’re becoming part of positive change. Your success will be part of a special mission, vision, and purpose… helping to make the world a better place.

our mission

Build the Happy&Sunny™ brand by offering irresistible baked goods and specialty products, enabling wealth for our Licensees and encouraging the world to adopt cruelty-free choices.

our vision

To be the world’s best-known, most craveable, and convenient cruelty-free baked goods brand for anyone wanting to treat themselves and others.

our purpose

To encourage people to treasure the connections that make life happier, and choose cruelty-free treats to celebrate life’s joys with kindness.

get started!

Will you be our next Licensee?

Start-up your new business or add our brand to your offering.

Become your own boss, with the support of a great brand family! Start today, from only $300 USD. 

$300 $340

join us

Start or grow your own business as an official brand licensee

You can start selling Happy&Sunny™ baked treats as a start-up or an established business. Could you be our new Licensee? We grant Licenses to entrepreneurs under three types of business models.

Happy and Sunny Startup Licensee

Start-up Licensee

Start your own business

Happy and Sunny Co-Brand Licensee

Switch Brands

Change your brand to ours

Happy and Sunny CoBrand Licensee


Add our brand to your offering

brand power

jacoi™ is a specialty plant-based foods marketing agency and the driving force behind Happy&Sunny™ and other iconic cruelty-free brands.

Happy&Sunny™ is a great fit for people who want: