The appeal of Happy&Sunny™ is unmistakable. You simply can’t think of us without being drawn to the promise of joy and freshly made vegan treats. You know that the cruelty-free kindness and tasty fun of Happy&Sunny™ means something delightful is coming your way!

our vision

Happy&Sunny™ is all about the positive. Yes this is business, but our work is very meaningful. We have a special  mission, vision and purpose that’s driving us to help make the world a better place.

our mission

Build the HappySunny™ brand by offering irresistible baked goods and specialty products, enabling wealth for our Licensees and encouraging the world to adopt cruelty-free choices.

our vision

To be the world’s best-known, most craveable, and convenient cruelty-free baked goods brand for anyone wanting to treat themselves and others.

our purpose

To encourage people to treasure the connections that make life happier, and choose cruelty-free treats to celebrate life’s joys with kindness.

join us!

let's make change, together

Do you ‘click’ with our mission, vision and purpose? You could be a fantastic Happy&Sunny™ Licensee!

Join us and become part of the cruelty-free kindness, fun and taste of Happy&Sunny™.

It’s your business, we’ll help you grow it!