Lean Startup Ideas: How to brand your startup business.

Lean Startup Ideas: How to brand your startup business.

So, you’re working on startup ideas.

How to brand your startup business… this issue needs more than just a logo! It takes time, money and skill to develop and build a brand.

Without branding and marketing, nobody knows about you! It’s one of the most difficult things about starting a business. How long was it before you first realized that marketing and advertising is expensive and time-consuming? Ten minutes? Maybe, fifteen?

One of the best lean startup ideas is the license model. That’s how Happy&Sunny™ works. It’s like a franchise, but without the huge upfront investment and crippling ongoing costs! You simply pay an annual License fee for the rights to use the brand.

Think about all that Disney merchanise you see in the shops. It’s not made by Disney. Disney sells the rights to their brand to Licensees. The Licensees focus on making the goods. Disney concentrates on the marketing and brand building for them!

Compare the licencing model to buying a franchile like McDonalds, for example. This is a lower cost model. You don’t need crowdfunding or angel investors like 500 Startups! (We all know they invest in startups that don’t need the money anyway, not the ones that really do!)

The lean startup is about moving to a good product and making sales as quickly as possible. That’s why a startup company can be so successful if you set it up under a niche brand like Happy&Sunny™.

So, when you’re working on startup ideas you really should consider licensing as an option. With Happy&Sunny™, a start up business can be established quickly.

You don’t need to attend a startup weekend or join a startup accelerator or incubator. You just need to focus your energy on the easy process of making and selling your great-quality Happy&Sunny™ artisan vegan donuts! Make customers happy. That’s the key.

Sure, you can read books by Eric Ries, Steve Blank and Jessica Livingston. But, there’s more to business than digital products! And startup funding isn’t as significant when you’re dealing with a simple business model that’s scalable.

Some of the best startup business ideas are the most simple.

Get your kitchen approved by your local authorities then join our brand, because selling artisan vegan donuts is one of the best home business ideas with low startup costs. Your seed investment is only the cost of the annual license fee plus very affordable equipment and supplies. For many people, it’s a bootstrap startup! In otherwords, you may not need any outside capital or loans.

If you use a licensing model and keep your operations simple, your business plan can be simple too. Your key to success will be following your brand’s guidelines.

As you can see, one of the best startup ideas is to start a small high-quality operation by licensing under a great brand. So, consider becoming a Happy&Sunny™ Licensee. It’s a great lean startup idea!

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